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About us

Ningbo Honde Medical Instruments Co., Ltd, exported since 2009,committing to promoting China medical instruments and service globalization.After 15+ years' development, it has become an integrated company with own production+trade+service of extreme cost performance!

Version:HondeMed makes the world more healthy.

Strategy:China resource integration & Global trade service.

To meet customers' diverse procurement need,to help customers greatly save labor and time cost so that customers can better win the market.

With Honde own factory AND 80+ strategic cooperated factories;

With the philosophy of achieving customers is achieving ourselves;

With a team of experienced staff in medical instruments;

With a wealth of professional medical knowledge for 15+ years;

With the special geographical advantages that located in world’s 1st Port-- Ningbo and close to Shanghai;

Therefore HondeMed is able to offer complete/workable/effective medical solutions.

--Qualified & Certificated medical items;

--Competitive price to win the market;

--Fast Delivery time;

--Friendly MOQ & Custom Packing;

--Professional & Efficient communication;

HondeMed values customers and always honors them as priority,served and serving over 900+ customers worldwide,some of them are famous brand and many government procurement.

80 +
Strategic Cooperation Factory
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